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Serrano River Ascent.

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Sailing to two national parks, passing three glaciers and having Torres del Paine National Park as a final destination can all be achieved in just one day´s excursion along the Fjord of Última Esperanza and up the Serrano River.

From Puerto Natales we will reach the Balmaceda Glacier in 3 ½ hours sailing time. The sail itself is a constant tour that is planned with stops at the cormorant colony, at the caves of the sea lions and at the condor cliffs and waterfalls. After visiting the Balmaceda Glacier which can only be observed from the boat, we can disembark at Puerto Toro, a place surrounded by a dense forest of coihue beech trees, and then take a short walk to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Serrano Glacier and its delightful lagoon. There is a footpath of a kilometer that leads right to the base of the glacier.

After 1 ½ hours here, it is time get into the zodiac boats that will take us across the width of the fjord in just a few minutes to reach the Hostería Balmaceda. Here we will have a replenishing lunch of hot soup with homemade bread, grilled salmon with salad, wine, soft drinks or mineral water.

Afterwards we continue the trip, this time heading up-river on board the zodiac boats, for about 1 ½ hours until we reach the Serrano Sector of the Torres del Paine National Park. About half-way along, the Tyndall Glacier can be seen in the distance which is part of the South Patagonian Ice Field and at one point we have to go ashore to avoid a waterfall, then finally the majestic summits of the Paine Massif will appear.

Services included:

Bilingual Guide-Spanish/English
Trek of 1 km
Lunch + glass of wine or soft drink
Admission to the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park


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