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Tour Full Day Glaciar Perito Moreno

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This is a full-day outing leaving Puerto Natales at 07:00am and returning to the hotel at about 22:00pm. After passing through the border controls at Cerro Castillo (Chile) and Cacha Carrera (Argentina) the highway crosses the immense Patagonian steppe to enchanting tourist town of El Calafate, some 270 km from Puerto Natales. During the trip we expect to see local fauna such as guanacos (wild relatives of llamas) and ņandúes (Darwin's rhea) as well as the sights of Lago Argentino and the Santa Cruz river, whose waters flow to the Atlantic Ocean. After a short stop (with time available) in El Calafate we proceed another 80 km to Glaciers National Park, our final destination.

The Perito Moreno glacier presents a marvelous spectacle of sights and sounds, with nearly constant icefall from the face of the glacier, allowing you to witness one of the true wonders of nature. The glacier is extraordinary not only for its length of 30 km and easy access but also because it is one of the few tath is advancing, while the majority of the world's glaciers are retreating. The walkways, overlooks, and other observation platforms in the national park allow visitors to safely get quite close to the Perito Moreno glacier, and provide access for elderly and handicapped persons. At the end of the day we return to Puerto Natales by the same route.


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